• Visitor’s card
  • inscription
  • loan of documents, extension of loan
  • reservation of library documents
  • the CD or DVD annexes of books are lent by the electronic lending system at the ground floor administrative desk
  • general information on the use of the library and our services
  • readers’ message box
  • fully accessible building with wheelchair
  • fully accessible lavatory
  • sport prams for babies
  • cloak room


  • Visitor’s card

Only registered members can visit the library. A visitor card is issued free of charge.

Registered readers may consult our documents free of charge on the spot: read microfilm, listen to music, use multimedia and the library’s electronic catalogue. Furthermore, the visitor’s card gives access to photocopying and eHungary Internet (charges applicable).

  • Library card

A valid library card is required for borrowing library documents. The inscription fees and reductions are to be found at the Good to know section.

Registered readers have to show their visitor card or library card on entrance and pass through a security gate.

Loan of books

Books can be lent for 30 days, some of them only for 7 days

the loan period can be extended twice, as long as there is no reservation on the document

books can also be lent overnight for 1 day

books lent for the week-end have to be returned on the first opening day of the following week

Lending audiovisual media

CD, DVD, VHS, MC and LP can be lent for 7 days

the loan can be extended twice upon request of the reader, as long as there is no reservation

Loans are electronically administered at the ground floor desk.

Each document is assigned a loan deadline separately.

Late fees

Late fees are to be paid when documents are not returned on time.

Late fees are calculated on a daily basis.


Documents that are part of the library collection but are checked out can be reserved on request.

Reservations are handled on a first-come, first-served basis in case of several bookings.

On the Reservation form the dates are precisely indicated, until when the reservation is valid. Librarians fill the form in the department where the document is located.

The reader is notified by mail about the arrival of the requested document.

Reservation in not free of charge, its cost is the equivalent of the postage cost, which has to be payed upon receipt of the document.