Local Studies Collection


  • information services (in person, in writing, through e-mail)
  • bibliographical research (for theses and essays)
  • tour of the collection (e.g. for school groups)
  • press cutting service
  • electronic databases related to local studies (local newspaper, local events)
  • electronic databases on local studies:
  • Postcard collection
  • Electronic library
  • Newspaper collection
  • photocopies


  • books
  • manuscripts
  • theses
  • maps
  • periodicals
  • sounding and audiovisual documents
  • photos
  • brochures
  • posters
  • postcards
  • microfilms
  • minutes of the county council and municipal council of Szolnok
  • CD-ROMs

The local studies collection gathers all the documents related to Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county and its inhabitants. The library collects local publications printed by local press and written by local authors.
As far as local studies information is concerned, most of the inquiries are related to scientific research and the history, archeology and ethnography of our region. Besides, the collection can be of help to school education, movements related to the knowledge of one's country, artistic and publicist activity, everyday and public inquiry, tourism and genealogy.

In memory of the eponym of the library, Ferenc Verseghy, a separate collection is assorted of his works and documents about him, even with rarities to be found.

The documents in the local studies collection are mostly unique, so they are for consultation only. However, we provide photocopy and scanning service.
The global electronic catalogue of the library contains all data of the local studies collection, thus a searchable database exists for the books, studies and articles related to the county.
Researchers or those interested may take good use of Thematic Search of Local Studies, in which they can browse our electronic catalogue by topic.

For further information please call +36 56 510-129