Science Department


  • information services
  • bibliographical research
  • electronic databases: (’Complex’ legal database, sociological database, pedagogical database,, EBSCO, Pressdok, Gale Reference Virtual Library etc.)
  • photocopies
  • information on the European Union and Great Britain
  • inter-library loan


  • specialized encyclopedias, lexicons, dictionaries;
  • basic handbooks of different sciences, monographs, bibliographies;
  • journals and magazines in Hungarian


  • traditional card catalogue (documents acquired up to 1996)
  • electronic database (documents bought both before and after 1996)
  • public computers are provided for the readers to search the database

The science department is established on the 2nd floor of the library. Non-fiction and scientific material is located here; social, natural sciences and specialised literature about applied sciences.

Part of the documents can be borrowed according to library rules. However, another part of the holdings, located in the reading room is for consultation only (marked by a red stripe on the spine of the books).

In the loan area, as well as in the reading room, books are ruled according to the Universal Decimal Classification and within that, in alphabetical order by the authors. For better orientation there are informative labels at the end of each shelf and markers separating the different topics with decimal classes and their meanings.

Because of the increased demand, books related to the European Union are separated, stored on distinct shelves and marked by a blue stripe.

There is also a separate section for the documents which can be loaned for one week.

Under the subject 914 travel guides are classified in alphabetical order by countries and cities thus facilitating orientation. On the second floor there is a wide range of technical journals related to different sciences to be used on the spot.

For further information please call +36 56 510-110/40 or +36 56 510-110/41