Arts Department


  • information services
  • bibliographical research
  • electronic databases (MEK, Neumann-house, EBSCO, FSZEK, PIM, MTA literary database etc.)
  • photocopies
  • inter-library loan


The arts department is located on the 1st floor of the library and it assembles the printed documents related to arts (literature in Hungarian and in foreign languages, literary theory and history, linguistics, foreign language course books, art history, fine arts, sports).

  • specialized encyclopedias, lexicons, dictionaries;
  • basic handbooks of different sciences, monographs, bibliographies;
  • Hungarian and foreign language journals and magazines
  • thematic distinctions in the loan area (marked by diffrerent colors):
    • compulsory reading,
    • adventure, romance,
    • science-fiction
    • foreign language literature
    • novelties
    • "Book of the Day"
  • thematic distinctions in the reading room area:
    • collections of quotations,
    • abstracts,
    • multilingual dictionaries,
    • personal bibliographies
    • repertories,
    • albums of arts/artist,

A point of interest is that besides the national literary histories a representative fictional selection is present as well (e. g. 820 English/American literary history, then special literature related to it, and then a selection of fiction in alphabetical order, e. g. from Albee to Yeats)


  • traditional card catalogue (documents acquired up to 1996)
  • electronic database (documents bought both before and after 1996)
  • public computers are provided for the readers to search the database

In the loan area and in the reading room books are ruled by the Universal Decimal Classification, and in the alphabetical order of authors within that.

For further information please call +36 56 510-110/33 or +36 56 510-110/34